The Hentschel Story    

Time and time again, Hentschel is noted for its dedication to excellence.  Each timepiece is crafted with the same pride that has gone into every Hentschel original since 1890.

From the start of our collection, The Shelby, to the stately Somerset, Hentschel begins with quality designs, then selects only the finest hardwoods and veneers to create quality heirloom clocks.

Engineered in Germany, the movement in each Hentschel grandfather clock is of exact precision.  The beat of the lyre pendulum rhythmically chime the classic cathedral melodies of Westminster, Whittington, or St. Michael.

Take comfort in knowing the art of handcrafted workmanship is alive and well at Hentschel.  Each clock is hand-assembled and hand-finished in seven separate painstaking steps.  No assembly line finishes here.  We create family heirlooms... one clock at a time.


A Hentschel grandfather clock, with its heritage, adds immensely to its legacy as a family heirloom.  Exquisite beauty and harmonious design render any Hentschel grandfather clock a joy to own and pass on from generation to generation.The Hentschel Guarantee
After a meticulous inspection by a qualified control technician, each Hentschel clock is tested and run for a minimum of 24 hours before leaving the factory.We are so confident in our clocks that we warranty the clock for a full 2 year period from date of purchase.

The Advantages of Hentschel Clocks?

  • Cases constructed from premium solid cherry or ash hardwoods.
  • Solid cherry or ash dial frames (Model 3084 and higher)
  • Hand-rubbed look by using four coats of lacquer.
  • True hand carvings on all models featuring carvings.
  • Beveled Glass on all models, including upper doors (Model 3050 and higher).
  • Solid brass hardware.
  • Choice of finishes at no additional charge - Click here to see your choices.  Surcharge for Premium Optional finishes (Black Laquer and White Laquer) or CUSTOM MATCH a finish to a sample provided.
  • Choice of wood turnings on models featuring brass caps.
  • Use of German-made Hermle premium flagship movements on all clocks (Model 3084 and higher).
  • Choice of Hermle 9 tube movement on 11 different models.
  • Choice of Dials for clocks featuring flagship movements.
  • Full 2 year warranty on all movements.
  • Choice of optional full mirror on all models.
  • Choice of optional interior light on all models.
  • All Hentschel clocks are sold only through selected dealer stores
  • Engraved pendulum on any clock fitted with a 270 mm pendulum, Hentschel can offer a center disc that can be engraved with up to three initials.
  • Free engraved brass plate offered by Grandfather Clocks Plus upon request.
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